How To Hack A Phone Without Having Access To It

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Tips To Hack a Phone without Touching It

Are you looking for ways to hack someone’s phone without having access? Then you are on the right spot. There are various ways in which you can hack the phone without the knowledge of coding. The hackers have this knowledge and use it to hack people’s personal and secure information like social security information and credit cards. But you have to keep in mind that hacking is not always used for nefarious purposes. You can also use it to hack someone’s phone but without any evil intent.

How to Hack a Phone Remotely?

Many people are asking questions; “how to hack spouse cell phone.” Well, they do because they want reassurance so that they can relax and focus on their work. Little issues between partners can cause unrest which makes them confused. They are unable to concentrate on their work. It is important that your mind and heart are at peace so you can be productive at work.

Hack Phone by Sending a Link


One of the ways to hack a phone is by phishing. It is a type of social engineering where you send a fraudulent message that is designed to trick the victim. He or she will reveal its sensitive information, or the attacker can deploy malicious software.

Basically, the attacker sends a link that is encrypted, which diverts a victim’s attention to a website, where they need to enter their secure information to win the prize or log in to some site.

Such a thing you can use to gain access to your partner’s cell phone. Instead, you accuse the spouse of unfaithfulness; it is a better way to track the phone, so your mind can be at peace.

Hack a Phone Using an App

Hacking is a do-or-die situation for some people in the world. Some people hack to make a living, while others hack to get answers. There are some hackers that hack the information of big companies, so they ask for money in return. There is a possibility that you can hack without installing software. You can hack someone’s without installing an app. But if you want to hack the phone of your spouse, then you can install the software.

Hack a Phone with Brute Force

In order to hack a phone with brute force, you need to connect the phone with a computer that has PIN guessing software or a PIN guessing device. The device then automatically tries different PINS and wait after trying too many times. There are lots of such devices and software available on the internet. It works like magic; you just need to plug the phone and wait for it to guess the PIN.

Sim Card Jacking

You can also hack someone’s phone with sim card jacking. In this method, you have to send a malicious code using SMS. When the victim opens the message, a hacker can use the code to spy on the cell phone and track the location.



Now that you’ve gone through this guide, it’s easy to hack someone’s phone device without touching it. Your goal now is to choose the type of phone you intend to hack and follow the simple steps above to achieve your goal.




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